Inclusive Access

What is the inclusive access program?

Inclusive Access Program, also known as automatic textbook billing, is a sales model for college textbooks. Digital content is delivered to students by the first day of class, often through a learning management system, which is Southern’ s eClass. Students have a period to “opt out” before they are billed through their tuition and fees.

What is an inclusive access fee?

Inclusive Access, also known as automatic textbook billing, is a textbook sales model that adds the cost of digital course content into students' tuition and fees.

How do I opt out of inclusive access?

To Opt Out, click the Course Materials link in your eClass course. You are only able to Opt-Out up until the add/drop date. Select Opt-Out at the top of the page. Please note the savings shown, if you remain Opted-In. If you change or drop a class that is offering Inclusive Access you MUST opt-out on eClass BEFORE you drop the class, or you will be charged for inclusive access. Dropping the class will NOT automatically opt you out.

Short Video Link:  This will show students how and where to access their IA materials in eClass. In the video the speaker refers to Canvas, which is Southern's eClass.